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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

We've been silent on the blog for almost a year, so here's a brief recap to bring you up to speed.

2019 was our first year as a non profit and while Julianna is on the board and planned to guide us through running the studio, life had other plans. She's doing much better now, but we had to go much of the year without her direct guidance, which was a big change.

We did manage to get a lot done this year despite the rough start. We added a practice room that provides space for up to 5 people to practice together. We also fit the room with camera stands to make it a great room for filming. We painted the front window to make ourselves easier to find. Our other great accomplishment was raising funds for the TMH Foundation's Music Therapy program, an event we definitely would like to do again.

It wasn't all daisies and roses, but we got through it. Special thanks to Circe, Aya, Souzan, Tiffany, Omaris and honestly everyone in our local bellydance community even outside of our specific studio!

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