New Year's Resolutions Revisted

So this year I put all of my resolutions to become a better dancer out there for all to see. And now that the year is halfway over, I feel it's only fitting to check in for some honest reflection. How am I doing so far?

You can read the original post, if you need a refresher.

1. Stretch

The Resolution: "Get up from my desk at work and stretch briefly as much as possible and stretch for 5 minutes in the mornings. This means I will have to get out of bed a little earlier and quite frankly that will be the hardest part of this resolution!"

Progress so Far: I knew myself too well! Getting up earlier took until last month, and then it was out of the necessity to get to work earlier to get more done. Hopefully once work calms a little and I don't have to be there as early, I will continue getting up to get that stretch in! I did go to Aya's yoga class for about a month before things got busy and I plan to make a comeback (at least until samba comes back to weekdays). I'm also standing up just to stretch more often while at work, so nailed that part of it!

Grade: D+

2. Practice

The Resolution: "Even on a busy week I can spare at least 15 solid minutes to really work on technique and choreography. Right now I mostly fit in micro-practicing. This is shimmying while brushing my teeth, traveling steps while cooking, and hip circles when I happen to get on the elevator by myself at work. "

Progress so Far: I still mostly micro-practice, but I have managed to fit in the bare minimum 15 minutes of dedicated technique or choreography practice once a week (even if it's just working a section of a DVD). I may have missed one or two weeks within 6 months, but I think I can keep this one up and maybe increase to 30 minutes.

Grade: A

Also, of course I didn't change this picture!

3. Keep learning

The Resolution: "I would like to take a class I don't normally go to or attend a workshop at least once a month. "

Progress so Far: I managed to do this once every other month. Mainly because money is an issue. If I'm setting aside money for workshops, then I don't have money for extra classes I don't normally take. This one ended up needing to be an either this or that situation. Still, the workshops I've been to this year have been well worth it. Little things from each one give me something to stick into my practice or connect to when my usual teacher is explaining something.

Grade: C

So I'm making some progress towards becoming a better dancer, and as Aya would say "Progress not Perfection" . Check her out at

I think my catch phrase would actually just be a "Finding Nemo" rip off: Just Keep Dancing, lol

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