Costuming in Egypt: What it's Really Like! Part 2

In the 1st chapter of this series I wrote about how to order, but there was not enough space to elaborate on some of the other issues dancers can face or problems that can arise. So here is a bit more information.

Egyptian import fees!

When returning a costume to Egypt keep in mind that Egyptian customs levies a 40% import fee - and no it does not matter if it is something being returned . The vendor there has to pay 40% to get the item back so it is usually much easier and cheaper for them to replace. Especially dealing with really cheap (and I don’t mean just inexpensive, there is a difference ) or cheaply made costumes.

Many of the better Egyptian Sellers/Vendors have a US Contact or Office for returns. This way if there is a problem it can be handled much easier.

Some Design considerations!

Dina cups are molded; they are made on a machine. The really important measurement beside the standard top to bottom side to side - is the one center front if you have a larger ribcage or are wide between your breasts. Dina cups do not work well on women who have boobage that continues under the arm. If in the event you have this problem and you have to have a Dina cup, please get one with the regular band that attaches to the side of the cup like a regular bra and not the 2 elastic bands as the bra cannot be adjusted to fit you correctly and you will never be happy with it.

Clear straps are basically heavy vinyl cut to size and sewn on. If you need to replace a strap – you can actually go to Joann’s fabric and in the back they have on rolls clear vinyl that is used to cover tables and or furniture. Same stuff!

Cigarette odor!

Egyptian's smoke - a lot! Everywhere and just not hookah's. It is rare to find someone who does not smoke. So yes you will sometimes get a costume that will have a slight odor of tobacco. Treat your costume to a Vodka spray to elimate the odor.

OMG its Perfect!

You have just found the perfect (picture from the front view) of the costume you want!

Ask the vendor to see a picture of the back of the costume! I made the mistake many years ago ordering a dress reminiscent of a folkloric costume based on the front, and the back of the costume had no decoration – the front ruffle was not continued on the back nor was the dress actually finished! Yep,got what I paid for but not what I expected.

Next up - Chapter 3 – Surprise!


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