It's not Easy, but Man is It Fun!

Let's take a little time to brag about Julie. Why? Well her birthday was Friday, so that sounds like a great reason to me! Even if that were not the case, Julie deserves to be bragged on just because of all the hard work she puts into running the studio. She works full time, and then teaches multiple bellydance classes almost everyday. She is so passionate about this studio that if she has to spend her own money to keep the lights on, she will. Making sure her students have a place to dance and grow means the world to her.

Fortunately, I'm not the only one who wants to highlight Julie. A former Dendera Dancer, Raquel Nicora, put together this wonderful piece on bellydance. In it, she chose to focus on Julie and her wonderful work at the Women's Bellydance Center. Julie's love for bellydancing shines through the interview. It's easy to see why it's so important for her to share with her students.

Let's all wish Julie the best of luck as she travels to Egypt to train with Professor Hassan Khalil. There she will recieve her ISOC certification to further her goal of being the best bellydance teacher she can be.

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