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This is Julianna, sharing a piece of inspiration with you. My daughter Kat posted this to my wall today and it is so beautiful that I need to share this with everyone. I hope you find this as uplifting and inspirational as I did!

"Wrote something today, thought you'd like it. 'Bellydancing is so much more than just dance. It’s a world of lights, costumes, movement, science, art and sound. It’s a whirlwind of colors and meaning, traditions and breaking them, new ideas and ancient ones, and always how to do something better. It’s a constantly changing landscape of history charging into the future and always rising above itself. It’s one word, and yet it describes the lives of so many millions of men and women. It’s a doorway to a universe where everything can be beautiful, if you pour your heart into it and make it so. It will swallow you whole, and yet only enrich the things that make you who you are. It is confidence and power, and yet it is often so subtle and almost fragile. To embrace it is to embrace a freedom in yourself.' You in a nutshell. Love you mom." Kat Wilson 3/1/2014


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