The Power of Bellydance

Okay, so I'm cheating on this entry. I created this video back in June with the intentions of making a full series of these videos. They would help advertise the center, but also help promote positive ideas of bellydance in general. Now that we have a blog I have the renewed inspiration to create more!

This series is partially for newcomers so they can see what's so great about bellydancing, but it's going to feed the fire for experienced dancers too. The next time you really don't feel like going to class, or doing your regular at home practice (or trying to make yourself start practicing at home, lol) I hope you can watch one of these videos and be inspired to get back on the horse! And if that doesn't work you can always watch this.

More coming soon!


P.S.- If you see me with my video camera, please come talk to me!

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