Teacher Bios

Aya is a Tallahassee native. She developed an interest in the movement arts as a young child when she took lessons in ballet and gymnastics. 

She began studying belly dance in 2009 and fell in love with the elegant and playful nature of the art. Along with her dance training, she began practicing yoga to improve her flexibility and strength during performances.

Since then, bellydance and yoga continue to influence her dance and meditation practices as she emphasizes the importance of alignment and breathing.  She hopes to provide a safe and welcoming environment for others to explore and expand within their bodies.


 Bellydance Beginners ~ Troupe




BalloFlex Fitness

Gloria believes strongly in the benefits of movement for everyone.Especially individuals with limited mobility or who seek low impact exercise.  Gloria has performed a variety of dance styles including American Tribal Style (ATS) Bellydance and currently performs Hula and Flamenco with local dance troupes. Gloria knows the joys of having fun while exercising. She is the Chief Encouragement Officer at Replay Fitness, Inc and is a certified BalloFlex instructor and American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA) certified group fitness instructor.

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Halimeada /Aukai

Hula/ Middle Eastern Dance

Halimeada has years of experience in Hula and Traditional MENAT styles of dance. 

Halimeda@instepstudio.com or call (850) 509-4572

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Kelly is an instructor for our Tuesday night Flamenco class.



Personal Training

Tedora DeVore  is  an AFA certified personal trainer . She has been a group fitness instructor for over ten years and decided she wanted to focus more on the individual with personal training . Her favorite workouts include yoga , running , weight lifting , and hitt workouts . Call her today to sign up for a free fitness assessment.



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Cardio Fusion ~ Zumba

Janna Johnson was born and raised right here in the beautiful city of Tallahassee, Fl. She is only 34 years old, but has a fierce love of dance and fitness. Janna is also the owner of Just Like Angels Child Care Center and Zumbalicious with Janna.


She is a certified Zumba Instructor and active member in ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network). She has been teaching Zumba for almost 2 years and has over 20 years of dance experience including hip hop, lyrical, liturgical and of course Zumba. Zumbalicous with Janna is a high Impact, Energetic, and Fun Dance Party!!!!



Bellydance (Multi-level)

Omaris is a multi-award winning dancer and international instructor. Omaris’ classes focus on technique and combinations with emphasis on feeling, juicy steps, emotion, posture, music interpretation, and flowing transitions. Many people say, Omaris is art in motion.

For more information, please visit www.omarisdancer.com



Tribal Basics ~ Shimmy Chic

Paloma is a member of the Women’s Bellydance Center Dendera Dancers and Darkly Sparkly Tribe. She started bellydancing in her freshman year of college, took a break when her teacher moved and started again when she came to Tallahassee. 

Paloma has enjoyed regular classes with Julianna and Circe since moving back to Tallahassee. She has also taken many workshops and drop in classes  with other teachers to broaden her knowledge of dance including Ahmed Hussein, Moria Chapell, Rachel Brice, Ruby Beh, Karma Karmelita, Irina Akulenko, Lacey Sanchez, Omaris, and more.

Paloma is also a Certified Shimmy Chic Instructor.

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beYou in HEELS/ Floor Werk

This gorgeous powerful beauty has over 20 years experience performing and teaching hip-hop, lyrical, african, praise and twerk dance choreography. She has worked with dancers of all ages from 5 - 65 and enjoys seeing her work come to life! She just finished a year attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she received her certification as a Holistic Health Coach. Shena has been on a track to help people change their lifestyles for the last few years working as a group fitness instructor.  She teaches group fitness, H.I.I.T and Boot Camp, and is also an excellent dance choreography instructor.


When Shena began her fitness journey she wanted to be able to provide a fun, sexy yet effective workout that would keep women interested in wanting to workout and be fit. She loves to teach an amped up dance class complete with upper and lower body dance movements to enhance a full body cardio workout.  She is a BEAST at leading high impact intense interval routines. She strives to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin and seeing the beauty of who they are. 

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Hula Hoop Dance

Nia Iyanu was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After falling in love with African dance, her mother placed her in African dance classes at the age of 5. Nia has studied African dance in New Orleans and is a current member of the Nkafu Dance Company. She's performed with the legendary late great "Papa" from Senegal. Nia has choreographed African wedding dance performances and Kwanzaa performances as well.


In her free time, Nia teaches Hula dance exercise as she began having a passion for it at age 6. She participated in several hulahoop contests as child and never lost the passion for it. As Nia continued to hula, she found ways to transform it into a workout and incorporate other dance styles. Her dancing style  is Afro Caribbean, Afrobeat, Hip hop, ballet, and huladance.