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6:00 - 7:00

Latin flare, hip hop beats, and bollywood bounce all wrapped up in one fitness class. Sweat with a smile on your face.

Be sure to wear comfortable work out clothes and sneakers, and get ready to move it!

$5 drop-in ONLY





7:15 - 8:15

Learn the fiery art of flamenco dance! This class will teach you the basics and posture necessary help you learn this amazing dance.

Character shoes strongly recommended.

$12 drop-in ONLY

Beginner Flamenco




6:00 - 7:00

This dance class will focus on  learning basic drills and combinations and  putting the moves together. Some of the class will focus on folkloric styles of dance from multiple countries.


This is a beginner level technique and choreography class.

$12 drop-in

Studio Plans Accepted

Bellydance Basics

ATS - Inspirations


7:15 - 8:15

This class covers a group-improvisational bellydance style loosely based on American Tribal Style.  Participants will learn cued moves that can be put to any music for dancing!

It's recommended that you have the basics of bellydance before taking this class, but not required.

$12 drop-in

Studio Plans Accepted

American Tribal Style Inspirations





This is a high impact cardio class which adds tightening and toning exercises  into a fun blend of zumba and twerk.

Be sure to wear comfortable work out clothes and sneakers!

$5 drop-in ONLY

Cardio Fusion




6:00- 7:00

This class covers the basic moves of bellydance with a tribal spin. You will also learn basic moves found in American Tribal Improvisation, techniques found in tribal fusion and talk a bit about the different styles of bellydance.


Don't worry the class will be mostly dancing and only a little talking!

$12 drop-in

Studio Plans Accepted

Tribal Basics




7:15 - 8:15

This class serves  dual purpose. While students will drill moves and learn new combinations, the main focus of the class is choreography. Whenever there is a show this class doubles as rehearsal for the show.


Want to dance with a group and hone your performance skills? Come join us today!

$12 drop-in

Studio Plans Accepted

Troupe Practice

be You in



8:00 -9:00

Come unleash your sexy in a fun choreography based heels class that fuses different dance styles ranging from Hip-Hop to Dancehall.


Members will work on heels techniques, lines, grooves, performance, some floor work, and of course hair whips! But most importantly, explore the art of letting go and having fun.

$10 drop-in ONLY

beYou in HEELS

Hula Hoop



7:15 - 8:15

Rosehips Hula Hoop Dance is a fitness class designed to work your core.  By combining hula hoop with movement, you'll get a full body workout. 

Don't worry if you've never hula hooped before, it's all in good fun!

$10 drop-in ONLY

Hula Hoop Dance




10:15 - 11:15

This dance class will help you create the foundation of belly dance learning proper posture, how to shift your weight, the basic steps that will be a part of your dance from now on.


It will also provide combinations and movement that challenge both beginners and seasoned dancers.  This is a do-not-miss opportunity to study with an amazing, award-winning instructor!

Multilevel Bellydance




11:30 - 12:30

Not sure what to take? Or want to take a little of everything?  This class offers a new topic every week!  Zumba, Yoga, Bellydance, and more!

Check out the CALENDAR to see what the next switch class is.

$12 drop-in

Studio Plans Accepted

Saturday Switch




12:45 - 1:45

A chair fitness program that provides movement to music through a series of dance steps while flexing, stretching and strengthening the core.

This class is perfect for those who have knee and back problems, and for those who want to vary their workout routine!

$10 drop-in ONLY

BalloFlex Fitness

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