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 What is Hiptastic?


We go over all of the introductory level movements and give some general knowledge about the history and culture of bellydance. We also pack basic camp full of fun games for everyone! We switch up the camp topics so that each camp session is slightly different. Camp culminates in a family show on the last day. 

Camp Week Overview *
  • Day 1- American Tribal Improvisation (ATI)

    • Learn basic moves

    • Learn about ATI

    • Play lots of ice breaker games

    • Play games centering on communication

    • Work with a prop

  • Day 2- Folkloric Line Dance

    • Learn about the different cultures the contribute to folkloric dance

    • Play lots of teamwork games

    • Get introduced to modern styles of bellydance

  • Day 3- Sha'abi Style

    • More new moves

    • Learn Sha'abi Style

    • Play with the props

    • Play lots of self-esteem games

  • Day 4-Musicality 

    • Learn about the interaction between the dancer and the music. 

    • Practice the dances

    • Play lots of conflict resolution games

    • Learn to play Middle Eastern instruments 

  • Day 5- Performance

    • Play all your favorite games

    • Learn the tricks to performing

    • Finish crafts from the previous days

    • Prepare for showtime!

* The overview is just a basic idea of the camp. Some days may be rearranged and we also like to bring in special guests when possible.