Julianna is the Artistic Director of the Dendera Dancers and the principal instructor at the Women's Belly Dance Center. Beginning with tap dancing in grade school, she progressed to ballet, modern, and jazz dancing in her teen years under the tutelage of Marcia Hicks of the Chicago Ballet.

At a Greek restaurant in Chicago, the teen Julianna was first introduced to Oriental Dance and immediately found the beautiful movements and wonderful body control fascinating. It was not until her move to Florida that she first found a teacher in this style of dance who guided her for almost ten years.

Though time and money were tight as a single mother, Julianna danced, and after surviving breast cancer, she began to seek further inspiration and guidance by attending workshops of some of the greatest names of this art: Professor Hassan Khalil (Cairo, Egypt), Aegela (Atlanta), Mesmera (California), Kamal (California), Morocco (New York), Tarik Sultan (New Yok), Ansuya (Miami), Jim Boz (California), Tamlyn Dahlal and many others. Also continues her education in Cairo, Egypt at ISOC.


"The Women's Bellydance Center of Tallahassee started out as a place where women learn to express themselves through the art of Middle Eastern Dance, also known as Belly Dance.


Since our inception we have added more styles of dance for you so you can explore the many possibilities available. Women all over the world have discovered that this is not only a form of dance, it is a way to love yourself, your body, and grow in confidence of your capabilities. This dance form is for women of all ages .


The WBC is a very accepting and supportive environment where women (and now men) of all ages and backgrounds can come together and dance.  A place where everyday women can become a little extraordinary!"


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